Prevent problems before they happen with PC Montitoring & Backup

At SDIPro we believe that the key to solving PC issues is preventing them from occuring in the first place. Successful monitoring and routine backups not only keep your system optimized for performance, they are the tools that will prevent catastrophic data loss.

PC Monitoring - $19.95/device per month!

  • Prevent Problems
  • Optimize Performance
  • Proactive Support
  • Montly Reports

We offer an enhanced PC monitoring service for our clients. (This includes servers too.) Instead of reacting to a problem after it occurs and spending many hours to fix it, we believe in proactive solutions. Our very reasonably-priced monitoring is $19.95/device per month and typically includes:

  • General system health monitoring with immediate notification of issues.
  • Installing all the latest critical Windows Updates and recommended optional updates.
  • Checking the status of firewall and malware protection software.
  • Running anti-malware system scans.
  • Performing system optimization and temporary file removal.
  • Renewing license keys and installing upgrades of security and backup software.
  • Updating additional software such as Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash, the Java Runtime, and browsers.
  • Verifying backup services and archives (where applicable).
  • Monthly reporting of all updates, incidents, and renewals on each monitored PC.

Backup Service - $19.95/device per month!

  • Unlimited Backups
  • Peace of Mind
  • Secured Data
  • Low Cost Solution

Peace of mind comes from not just knowing that your system is running optimally and securely but knowing that should disaster strike that years of documents, contacts, pictures, and data are safe. We now are offering unlimited off-site PC backups at the excellent price of $19.95/device per month.

PC Monitoring and Backup Bundle - $29.95/device per month!

  • Prevent Problems
  • Optimize Performance
  • Secured Data
  • Bundled Savings!

We highly recommend both services to our clients to provide the most proactive PC support possible. To encourage the use of both services, we are offering both PC Monitoring and Backup for $29.95/device per month.

Monitor & Backup

At SDI Pro, we believe these services are essential to everyday computer use, personal as well as business. We offer package savings for those with higher quantities of systems to montior and backup. Contact us for a specialized quote to suit your needs.

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